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     Philly Waffle Cabin  
            Take-out Menu  (ORDER HERE)

Authentic Belgian Waffle (Yeast raised Dough based waffle with pearl sugar caramelized into the waffle)               

Authentic Belgian Waffle w/ Belgian semi sweet dark chocolate  drizzle                                                                $7.00 


          Waffle  Specialties

The S’more- Waffle, Marshmallow Fluff, Graham Crackers, Belgian semi-sweet dark chocolate  dizzle                            $9.00

The Turtle- Waffle, caramel sauce, Belgian semi-sweet dark  chocolate  drizzle                                                                   $8.00

The Chocolate Churro- Waffle, Cinnamon Sugar, Belgian semi-sweet dark chocolate  drizzle 

All orders will be boxed separately, all orders will come with reheat instructions.


We are a nut free food truck. 

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